About Me

Hi, all! I’m Katie (Katie Elizabeth, KaterBabes, Katie Liz… you pick).

I'm a 27 year old young professional living in the fabulous Twin Cities. My time is filled with working for a major media company, working on my townhouse, dealing with broken hearts, tears of joy, and finding the love for myself I've never experienced before. Life is a rollercoaster and I'm along for the ride.

You’ll quickly discover that I have quite the varied interests. Cooking and baking will always be my loves, but I also have special places in my heart for crafts, fishing, target shooting, road tripping, and much, much more.

My life has not been a fairytale, and I've definitely struggled through certain things along the way. While I've tripped, skinned my knees a bit, and shed some tears, I've always managed to get back up and keep going. This blog is not going to be all peaches and cream, it’s going to be real. After all, honesty is the best policy, right?


Anyway, thanks so much for stopping by and be sure to follow. Who knows what is going to happen next? I sure don't.