Thursday, July 2, 2015

July Goals

All over the blogging world the last couple of days I've noticed everyone posting their July goals. I figured I'd jump on this bandwagon and share my goals for this month.

1) Lose 8 pounds. I feel like trying to lose weight is a constant in my life. I'm still down, significantly, from my highest weight when I was 20 but I'd like to finish losing my weight and just focus on maintaining. I've joined a 12-week challenge with Skinny Meg that starts on Monday, July 6th so we'll see how that goes!

2) Organize my closet. I have A LOT of shoes and clothes. And the clothes range in size. I need to separate the clothing, pack away stuff that is smaller that I'll move into and regain some space in my walk-in.

3) Read four books. That's about one per week. I used to read consistently, especially being that I take the bus to/from work. I own many, many books and if I read them, I can get them out of my house. One per week is a good start.

4) Visit the gym 3x per week and walk outside 2x per week. I pay for a gym membership, I love my gym, I just need to go. And even more than I love the gym, I love going for walks around my development when the weather is beautiful and I should do it more often. This goal will also help with goal #1. So July, let's get to it!

5) Make more soap. I've gotten into making soap and I just got a new shipment of supplies in last night. I think this weekend I'll make a new batch of soap I haven't done before. I'm also going to try making shower fizzies. We'll see how they go! I'll definitely blog about those adventures.

Anyway, I think that's about it. I don't want to overload myself with meaningless "goals". I like goals that are reasonable and obtainable. After all, if they aren't, then I'm just setting myself up to fail.

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