Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Next Weekend, I Want To Do Nothing.

What a weekend.


I worked a half day (woohoo) and headed over to Tyler's. We had a big night planned. We were going to the casino!! I had scored a free night stay, two buffets, slot play... definitely was going to take advantage of that!

We scooted off to the casino so we could check in shortly after check-in time. When asked if we wanted a low floor or a high floor, Tyler enthusiastically said he wanted a high floor. We anticipated that to be like the 5th floor. Nope. Up to the 14th floor we went!!
We both had a wee bit of luck gambling the night away. We even participated in a slot tournament - which is kind of a joke. It's not really a tournament. It's a "see who can hit the button the fastest and get lucky with their spins" kind of event. But whatever. It was kind of funny.

The buffet was ok. Buffets are always hard on someone who is dieting and their salad bar wasn't the best I've been to, so that was kind of disappointing. But, I did my best. And they had French Macarons for dessert. I couldn't say no. Twice.

We didn't have any huge luck, but we held our own, and we had a lot of fun.

We had to check out of the casino hotel by 11, drive the 45 minutes to my house with a stop in between to the grocery store (which I DON'T recommend doing the day before Easter), and then cook/bake food for Game Night with our friends.

Obligatory friend selfie for on FB
Game night was a hoot. We played the Logo Game, Jenga, Dominos, had a couple of drinks and ate some yummy food.

Tyler and I didn't get home until after midnight so we were tired and zonked out almost immediately.

Sunday - Easter
The weather in the Twin Cities on Easter was AMAZING! 75 degrees with a slight breeze and sunny. Couldn't have asked for better weather!

Tyler surprised me in the morning with an Easter basket filled with my ALL TIME FAVORITE candy, Peeps!
And, of course, a zombie movie
We went to my parent's house for the family Easter brunch at 11 and by 3 we were jetting the 40 minutes to Tyler's parents for some outside cocktailing time and dinner.

We didn't get home to Tyler's until after 8pm. What a freaking weekend. I felt like we were going nonstop. But, it was great. Good times spent with family and friends, good food, a few laughs. I couldn't ask for anything better.

Except this coming weekend... I just want to veg out. And maybe go bowling. :)

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