Thursday, April 14, 2016

Superhero Birthday for a Super Kiddo

What kind of birthday party do you throw for a fun-loving 5 year old boy?

A Superhero birthday.

I tasked myself with putting together a super fun birthday party for my boyfriend's (now) 5 year old son. He loves all things Captain America, Batman, Spiderman, and the like. I knew a natural fit would be something based on Superheros.

I turned to the internet in the search of inspiration for this party. I had only a couple of days to put it all together - I'd say I succeeded.

I started out with a boatload of printables I found online. I wish I could remember all of the places I turned to, but with a Google search you'll be sure to find them.

I cut, pasted, trimmed, and taped my way to this:

Above is the beverage/snack bar. We also enjoyed grilled burgers and brats, potato salad, pasta salad, beans, etc.

I should have taken many more photos to show off the extent of my decorating, but I was running around like a crazy woman!

In the end, it resulted in one happy kiddo.

All of the work that went into pulling this off was 100% worth it and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. There's something about handcrafting this kind of event. When I posted my cupcakes to Instagram (@ksteu) I said that they were "made with love". And I meant it. This little boy and his dad mean so much to me - I love them BOTH.

This weekend, I'll be prepping 2 cakes and 75 cupcakes for my Grandpa's 90th birthday. Stay tuned. I'll be sure to show off those results, too.

Friday, April 8, 2016

I'm So Sorry

I've been completely gone. Away. Not paying attention. Not caring?

Probably all of the above.

I've struggled to stay in the blogging world, as I've struggled with many other aspects of my life.

Diet. Dating. Work stress. Friend drama. Etc.


A few goodies:
  • I'm BACK on the diet track. I'm working hard. I belong to a new gym, I'm getting up at 4:30am to make it happen each day. I have support. I'm not beating myself up over eating food that "isn't on plan". I'm learning to get healthy while living my life.
  • I've really battled through the whole relationship thing for a while. BUT, I've been dating the same man since last August (so the last 8 months or so) and things couldn't be better. I'm so happy. There's no drama, things feel easy. The thing that cracks me up the most is where I met him. Tinder. Who would have thought?
  • I'm still gainfully employed! I took on a new project at work 5 months ago that takes up the bulk of my time. It was something outside of my comfort zone but I've learned so much - both in the workplace and about myself. Though sometimes stressful, it's worth it in the long run.

Those are the few things that come top of mind first. I'm sure I can update with more later... but we'll start with that.

Let's hope I can get back into the swing of things!

Until next time...

Thursday, July 2, 2015

July Goals

All over the blogging world the last couple of days I've noticed everyone posting their July goals. I figured I'd jump on this bandwagon and share my goals for this month.

1) Lose 8 pounds. I feel like trying to lose weight is a constant in my life. I'm still down, significantly, from my highest weight when I was 20 but I'd like to finish losing my weight and just focus on maintaining. I've joined a 12-week challenge with Skinny Meg that starts on Monday, July 6th so we'll see how that goes!

2) Organize my closet. I have A LOT of shoes and clothes. And the clothes range in size. I need to separate the clothing, pack away stuff that is smaller that I'll move into and regain some space in my walk-in.

3) Read four books. That's about one per week. I used to read consistently, especially being that I take the bus to/from work. I own many, many books and if I read them, I can get them out of my house. One per week is a good start.

4) Visit the gym 3x per week and walk outside 2x per week. I pay for a gym membership, I love my gym, I just need to go. And even more than I love the gym, I love going for walks around my development when the weather is beautiful and I should do it more often. This goal will also help with goal #1. So July, let's get to it!

5) Make more soap. I've gotten into making soap and I just got a new shipment of supplies in last night. I think this weekend I'll make a new batch of soap I haven't done before. I'm also going to try making shower fizzies. We'll see how they go! I'll definitely blog about those adventures.

Anyway, I think that's about it. I don't want to overload myself with meaningless "goals". I like goals that are reasonable and obtainable. After all, if they aren't, then I'm just setting myself up to fail.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

I. Am. Back!

My goodness.

I've been MIA for over a YEAR!

Soooo I took an unexpected hiatus from blogging. That's OK, right?

Let me get you up to speed really fast on what's been going on in my life over the last year.

I turned 27.

I broke things off with Tyler.

Mom and I went to Nashville for a week in November and had a phenomenal time!!!

I started dating this guy, Nick.

Nick and I had a sort of whirlwind romance. Became fast friends, fast boyfriend/girlfriend, and had an awesome 9 months together.

But things ended as fast as they started. Nick decided that having children in the future (he already had a son) was not in the plans for him. Having the opportunity to have kids one day IS in my plans. So we broke things off.

I'm not sad. Not at all. And I respect him so much for being honest and giving me that opportunity to make a choice. Stay with him, knowing he'd never want to have more kids, or leave... and give myself the opportunity. I decided to leave.

Which brings me to where I am today!

I'm single. I'm rediscovering myself, finding new hobbies, hanging with my friends and family more. It's going great, and I really wouldn't want to change that.

So here I go. Back to blogging. Back to sharing my life with the world. As I jump back into the dating scene, I'm going to blog about that, too. My girlfriends find my dating stories hilarious and they're really encouraging me to share my laughs with the masses. Of course I said I would.

I've joined Tinder again (where I met Nick), I'll likely join back up on and maybe one of those freebies... POF or OKC. We'll see. I don't want to get too crazy just yet.

It feels good to be back.

Stay tuned for more!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Next Weekend, I Want To Do Nothing.

What a weekend.


I worked a half day (woohoo) and headed over to Tyler's. We had a big night planned. We were going to the casino!! I had scored a free night stay, two buffets, slot play... definitely was going to take advantage of that!

We scooted off to the casino so we could check in shortly after check-in time. When asked if we wanted a low floor or a high floor, Tyler enthusiastically said he wanted a high floor. We anticipated that to be like the 5th floor. Nope. Up to the 14th floor we went!!
We both had a wee bit of luck gambling the night away. We even participated in a slot tournament - which is kind of a joke. It's not really a tournament. It's a "see who can hit the button the fastest and get lucky with their spins" kind of event. But whatever. It was kind of funny.

The buffet was ok. Buffets are always hard on someone who is dieting and their salad bar wasn't the best I've been to, so that was kind of disappointing. But, I did my best. And they had French Macarons for dessert. I couldn't say no. Twice.

We didn't have any huge luck, but we held our own, and we had a lot of fun.

We had to check out of the casino hotel by 11, drive the 45 minutes to my house with a stop in between to the grocery store (which I DON'T recommend doing the day before Easter), and then cook/bake food for Game Night with our friends.

Obligatory friend selfie for on FB
Game night was a hoot. We played the Logo Game, Jenga, Dominos, had a couple of drinks and ate some yummy food.

Tyler and I didn't get home until after midnight so we were tired and zonked out almost immediately.

Sunday - Easter
The weather in the Twin Cities on Easter was AMAZING! 75 degrees with a slight breeze and sunny. Couldn't have asked for better weather!

Tyler surprised me in the morning with an Easter basket filled with my ALL TIME FAVORITE candy, Peeps!
And, of course, a zombie movie
We went to my parent's house for the family Easter brunch at 11 and by 3 we were jetting the 40 minutes to Tyler's parents for some outside cocktailing time and dinner.

We didn't get home to Tyler's until after 8pm. What a freaking weekend. I felt like we were going nonstop. But, it was great. Good times spent with family and friends, good food, a few laughs. I couldn't ask for anything better.

Except this coming weekend... I just want to veg out. And maybe go bowling. :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Weightloss. It can be done.

Hey all!

Wanted to quick stop in, say hi, all that good stuff.

The last few weeks have gone by SO darn fast. Work has been keeping me busy, my weekends are spent with Tyler, evenings I've been meal prepping, working out, doing things around the house.

I bought a new car....

Happened to buy it the day before a day of snowy hell. We made it through just fine :)
There's not a whole lot of sitting around going on anymore. Thank goodness. My ass is definitely thanking me. Haha

That brings me to my update. A couple months ago I made the goal to continue on with losing weight this year. The last 6 weeks or so I've been really focusing on it. I make sure to treat myself on occasion, I don't get too down on myself if I "slip up" and I try to keep things fresh and interesting.

Let me tell you. Dieting while dating? It's work. A lot of work. But it really helps having a supportive counterpart cheering you on and it pays off. If you really try, you can make dining out (and treating yourself a little) fit in just fine.

Today, I was down 3.4lbs. So right now, I'm sitting at 12.8lbs down since I started working towards losing weight again.

Some people may think 12.8lbs isn't much. How about 56.4lbs? Because that's how much weight I've lost since I was at my highest.

I'd call that success.

A week ago we celebrated my sister in law's 30th birthday. That included a nice dinner out - including appetizers, steak, awesome sweet potato hash browns, chocolate birthday cake... and cocktails. That week, I stayed the exact same as the week before (not bad considering my dining disaster only a few days beforehand).

I was determined to make this last week count. And I did.

I meal prepped for breakfast and lunch.

Yes, yes. Need the Redd's and Fox Barrel, too.

I went on my first solo walk down at Tyler's (and it was a really pretty walk, complete with albino squirrel sighting). It was cold, and I totally miscalculated the complete uphill walk home.... but I managed.

I treated myself. A little bit.

I am fitting in everything I really want to into my life. And I'm working towards my goal, and succeeding. People think that dieting is an "ender". "There goes your social life." "You're always going to feel hungry." "You'll eventually quit." You're wrong.

Dieting isn't fun. It's a pain in the ass. It's hard work. You WILL cry. You'll get angry. You'll feel sorry for yourself. You'll want to quit. You'll slip up (more than once). You'll get frustrated. But if you stick with it, you will succeed... and you will celebrate.

So today, I'm celebrating those 12.8lbs. Not with food or drink. But I am celebrating by having a great attitude and great motivation to do even more. And of course, going to the gym.

Happy Tuesday, all!

Thursday, March 20, 2014


As I mentioned a while back, I signed up for Phone Case of the Month. If you're not familiar, it's basically a subscription box for phone cases. For $10/month (including shipping) you receive a case for your phone in the mail (with a few extras tossed in).

The cases are surprisingly a pretty decent quality. I've been using them non-stop since I received my first case.

Here's what I got month #2:

Peacock feather! I've actually gotten a lot of compliments on the case. I like that it doesn't add a bunch of bulk onto my phone (as it's big enough by itself already) and the case doesn't just fly off if I drop the phone (whoops!).

Overall, I'd definitely recommend Phone Case of the Month.

As I said in my first post about PCOTM, they actually have a really nice referral program. If you use my link below, YOU save $5 on your first case... making your first one only 5 bucks! In turn, I also save $5 on my next. It's a win-win.

Katie's PCOTM Referral Link

Take it or leave it. I of course won't force you to use it, I'd just appreciate if you did. :)

Anyway, thought I'd share this little beauty with you! I should really do more subscription box reviews as I do get a variety of them....

*I'm not getting compensated in any way to do this review (heck, I'm not that popular). I just find PCOTM to be a fun subscription box (and I'm mildly addicted). All opinions are of course, my own*

Happy Thursday, all!